Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Project 3

This is my project 3 assignment.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still on training wheels...

The question:
How has your conception of technology changed since the beginning of the semester? (If it hasn't changed, explain what your view is and why it hasn't changed)

To appropriately answer this question let me explain the many different ways in which I could:
I could..
email you a variety of letters, youtube videos, hyperlinks, or social networking links explaining how much I've learned,
mark my calendar and have it remind me in a few hours of how I have so many appointments I need technology to keep up with them,
check my RSS feeds with the new updates by Apple, Google, or any other random technological innovation companies that have just made life even easier... once you take the necessary hours to figure out how they work,
watch youtube, teachertube, googlevideo for a visual of how to use technology,
download fair use music from to artistically define the relationship I have acquired between myself and technology, every love story (not referring to Taylor Swift) has a "song" right?
I could create a google doc and ask you to contribute to how much you love technology and we could write a paper about it,
create my own wiki to distribute technological tools that other teachers could use...

or just post on my blog: I am completely incapable of explaining how vast and incomprehensible technology seems to be, in my opinion. That being said, I still try.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Green Online Planner

I thrive on a busy lifestyle with limited, but peaceful, downtime. I carry around a small planner in which I schedule out my week in adequate detail. The only major flaw to my system is that once an event has been written down, I seldom return to view it. This, on occasion, leads to a variety of problems caused by my horrible memory. Often times, if there is something that I really need to remember I'll write it on my hand or set an alarm on my cell phone to go off before the event. I'm always trying to find the perfect place to write a note so that I'll remember it, but where am I looking most of the day? The internet and more specifically, my email account. Google has created a program called Calendar to schedule out everything, and it is convienient because it is right next to my email account. I learned a lot more about it last week in class. I learned that I can create a calender and then send it to others. For example: in a classroom I can schedule out the assignments and exams and email it to each of my students and their parents. They can easily look at the calender and know what is due. This makes life simple for me, and easier for my students. All good things.
Thank you Google. Your welcome Earth.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


I feel very vulnerable to internet scams, criminals, and frauds whenever I read articles that alert me to the world-wide problem. I understand the risks, but it still scares me to think that I may be unprotected, especially when I know that "they" know more about computers than myself. But I did learn a little bit more today about keeping my computer and internet secure:
1. Choose a password that has nothing to do with important dates, numbers, or addresses.
2. The password should include a randomized selection of numbers, letters, and symbols.
3. Do not keep the same password for every account.
4. Anti-virus programs can detect spyware that is annoying and disturbing the flow of the computer.
5. If you recognize that you've been a victim of fraud, you can report it to the Federal Trade Commission, at
6. If you get deceptive spam, including email phishing (when people try to steal your information) forward it to

I now have to go change all my passwords...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Counterculture

Another reason why Mac computers are little miracles is because they allow us to make movies like this one. Now the quality and usefulness of this video is under question, but I do see the endless possibility this may have just opened up for me. Is it too late to change my major to film editing? I can feel the disapproving look coming from my mum's eyes now. Good think I'm not very good at it. Here is ample proof as evidence. Don't worry mum, I'll stick to History Teaching.
Can I see myself using this in my future classroom. No, what kind of person would find it appropriate to lecture, then play a movie with their own voice as narration? I'm not subjecting my students to that.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Am I learning, or am I just entertained?

I was informed by a very wise person that our attention spans can be measured by adding 4 to your age and that is how long, in minutes, your optimal attention span is. For example, I am 23. So my attention span is 27 minutes (23+4=27) (I may or may not have had to count that on my fingers...)
My point:
With such a limited amount of time we have in the classroom, and even more limited student's attention spans, it is important to ask ourselves if the information we are presenting is the best, or if it just okay. Technology is great at grabbing student's attention, as it does mine quite well, but do we let it run the show for us? Are students paying more attention to the graphics on the PowerPoint, or are they actually learning? (That sounds like the making of a great potential experiment) I believe there is still a need for student-teacher relationships and that effective teaching does not substitute technology for a teacher. Technology can never express love or support for a student, or a desire for the student's success.
The difference between an effective and ineffective media is whether it is helping or hindering the nurturing pedagogy that is crucial for the student to learn.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wait, I'm not sure if I'm ready or not, despite what Ms. Robinson thinks...

Let me make a list of all the great qualities of this video: Cool choreography my mum would approve of, uplifting and inspirational, educational, makes me think "Wow, how can I be more like Ms. Robinson when I become a teacher?", I learned my 9 times tables, all original materials (ex. music was not stolen), and as far as I can tell no copyright infringement occurred (but feel free to correct me, I'm not sure about the graphics in the middle...).

This one is a little bit easier to determine copyright infringements. First of all, you'll notice the music... I'm not a movie buff, but I asked my sister and she told me its from Pirates of the Caribbean. Under the fair use rule the video might be safe if the music was under three minutes, but it is much longer than that, so its busted! Second, if you'll notice the pictures. They come from unknown sources with no citation or credit to the owners. Also many pictures are from movies that I'm sure were pirated. The last major infringement I found were the movie clips. Now, they might be safe because they are under 30 seconds. Actually no, they're not--I just went through it again and timed the movie segments. Way over 30 seconds and fair use. (I'm also wondering if it infringes because it is more of an opinion video than to education a classroom or students...(

Parts that are good: the creator's own ideas and words on the video. I think those are fine and are obviously not stolen... She also appropriately cites Thomas Jefferson's quote, which is an honesty point for her.

Done for now.